Illumiwave Lipo Contour Laser

Many individuals hesitate to contour and sculpt their bodies with conventional methods. The illumiWave635 lipo contour head offers a painless and non-invasive laser treatment solution to contour and sculpt individual trouble areas anywhere on the body, reduce cellulite, and improve overall appearance. Results are quickly noticeable and measurable with no strict regimen.

The benefits of the Illumiwave Lipo Contour Laser treatments include:

  • Non-invasive treatment, it’s painless and requires no down-time
  • No bruising or scarring
  • Targets stubborn areas of fat
  • Contours and reduces cellulite
  • Measurable results can be seen after as little as 1 to 2 treatments
  • A standard loss of 3-4 inches can be expected during a 4-6 week period
  • 89 red line collimated laser diodes are used at a wavelength of 635nm.


Q and A

What is Adipose Tissue?

When fat enters the body (mainly triclycerides), insulin (a hormone secreted by the pancreas), is released, due to stimulation by the presence of glucose, amino acids or fatty acids in the intestine. Insulin tells the cells various messages, including to stop breaking down fats into fatty acids and glycerol and to start building fats (triglycerides) from glycerol and fatty acids. From the blood cells, the fatty acids are absorbed into adipose cells, muscle cells and liver cells. Under the stimulation of insulin, these cells are made into fat molecules and stored as adipose.

How the Illumiwave Lipo Contour Laser breaks down adipose tissue:

When laser energy penetrates into the adipose tissue, the adipose cell walls are made permeable for a momentary period, allowing the cell contents (water, glycerol and free fatty acids) to spill out. The water is utilized or excreted, and free fatty acids are utilized in the body as energy or reabsorbed by other cells. The glycerol is processed through natural metabolic functions. The adipose tissue is not removed, but significantly shrinks in size, resulting in an improved sculpted body. The laser operates at a low level energy, only strong enough to create pores in the adipose tissue, and gentle enough not to cause bruising, bleeding or blood vessel damage.

How does the laser work for hair improvement?

The illumiWave Pro-series laser uses 90 laser diodes at 670nm and 91 laser diodes at 650nm for a total of 181 multi-wavelength lasers to stimulate hair improvement effects. Laser bio-stimulation energy is delivered to the scalp which in turn opens up the vascular network within the scalp by using a cell signalling process. The laser energy delivered to the scalp increases microcirculation by mobilizing calcium stores, The increased ATP (Adenosine-5′-triphosphate) production cascades into increased protein and nutrient production which is delivered up to the hair follicle site.

How often do I come in for Lipo Contour Treatments?

There are 2 packages; a 6 month package and a 1 year package. Most patients will see better results in the 1 year package. Over the course of the year, most patients will receive an average of 44 TX. The most common protocol is 2/week for 8 weeks, then 1/week for 8 weeks and then every other week (2/month) for the remainder of the year. There are also other protocols available. Protocols can be changed to a certain degree to fit the patients lifestyle. Treatment time is 20 min per treatment area.

Patient has to wait a minimum of 48 hours in between treatments as to not over treat, but not wait longer than 2 weeks in between treatments for the first year.

Example: patient can come in Monday and Wednesday, but not Monday and Tuesday.

After the first year is complete, patients come in every 1-2 times per month for maintenance.

Does it hurt? Is it safe?

The illumiWave Pro-series laser is completely pain-free and completely safe to use. Some people report a mild tingling or warming sensation which typically goes away within 20 min of completing the treatment.

The illumiwave laser stimulates cell function. The effect is non-thermal in contrast to surgical or hair removal lasers. The laser’s low level energy does not alter molecular structures, but STIMULATES the body’s mechanisms to REPAIR AND HEAL itself. This laser can also be used for wound healing and that is why there are no reported side affects.