Permanent Make-up

Papillon Medical would like to welcome Suzanne Seymour to our team of professionals! Suzanne has an extensive background in personalized aesthetics, a successful hairstylist of 33 years and has an eye for bringing out the best in each individual. Suzanne was trained in Permanent Makeup at Biotouch Calgary under Award-Winning Instructor Kim Pham, and utilizes the ‘Feather’ Technique to ensure the most natural effect for eyebrows. Suzanne truly believes: “My passion has always been helping other women look and feel their best!”

 The ideal candidate for Suzanne’s Expert Permanent Makeup is any person with sparse, light, or barely-there eyebrows, has experienced hair loss or is disabled or has poor eyesight. Any person wanting a low-maintenance look! No matter what the reason for wanting permanent makeup, eyebrow feathering, eye liner, or permanent lip liner can enhance your individual, natural beauty.

The advantages to permanent makeup include: ~ Saves time in the morning, ~ No more irritation ~ Fast and Convenient ~ Looks very Natural ~ and Will not sweat off!

Suzanne uses Iron Oxides. These pigments are made up of very small molecules. They will absorb into the skin more effectively and result in less fading and a truer color than organic pigments. Any color can be used on a client, but Suzanne will consider your skin tone and needs before choosing a color.

The Machine:  Suzanne uses the Nouveau Contour Intelligent Computerized Tattoo machine. It is the most advanced device available on the market today.

Client Consultation:  During the consultation, Suzanne will take time to explain to you about the machine, the procedure and the care taken to provide safety. Suzanne will draw the eyebrow on you and then suggest changes for your approval and agreement.

Before any procedure is performed, a pre-numbing cream will be applied to ensure your comfort. A touch-up procedure is usually required approximately 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment. Allthough the procedure will appear to be healed within a week, it does take 4 to 6 weeks for final healing to take place. There can be slight swelling, redness and possible pain following the procedure. Pigments can and will fade. Pigments will heal a different color than what they appear when applied. Clients receiving treatments for lip liner who have a medical history of cold sore/fever blisters(herpes), may have an outbreak following the procedure. – These clients should get a prescription (e.g. Valtrex or Zorifax) from their doctor before the procedure. Lip Liner will appear crusty for one week following the procedure. You must ALWAYS wear PABA free sunscreen after the area has healed. Suzanne will provide after care treatment instructions after your procedure.

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