Skin Cancer / Mole Check

Book your complete healthy skin examination at Papillon Medical Aesthetics.

As part of our focus on prevention, we offer a complete skin cancer screening examination and offer treatment for early skin cancers and pre-cancerous skin lesions. We use dermoscopy and mole mapping to ensure accurate care and follow up.

The key to fighting skin cancer is early detection.

– Do you have any freckles, skin tags, brown spots, nodules or moles?
– Do you check them regularly?
– Have you noticed any change in shape, size or color or developed any new ones?

If you’re worried, put your mind at rest by having a mole check at EvolveWell in Calgary.

What our mole screening clinic offers:

  • Visit with a skin cancer screening specialist including a full visual check of all lesions
  • Expert advice on skin care and sun awareness
  • Dermoscopic imaging of lesions that require further assessment
  • Mole Mapping
  • Written follow-up report with recommendations sent to your home address
  • Call back system for re-check
  • Prompt referral to Dermatologist or Surgeon if required.